The Viewpoints, Physical Acting and Embodied VoiceWork all create powerful containers for improvisation. The Viewpoints, originated by postmodern dancer/choreographer Mary Overlie, cultivate multi-layered compositional awareness. Physical Acting connects theatre games, character work and emotional imagery to the performer's body and voice, and Embodied VoiceWork opens the listening/sensing body to the language of non-verbal free vocal improvisation. Each of these disciplines emphasizes deep listening and kinesthetic response. Combined, they provide an expansive vocabulary which galvanizes performers to risk being entirely present in every moment.

This workshop is open to professional actors, dancers and singers -- people who want to stretch the boundaries of what they dare to do on stage, and discover and cultivate new performance muscles.

The dates for the next workshop are currently under consideration. If you would like to be notified as soon as dates are finalized click here.