Grotowski-Based Physical Acting Training in NYC with Erica Fae

Ongoing Training + Scene Study


scene study
Erica will assign scenes & partners to everyone two weeks before the first class, aiming to find material that supports next steps for everyone. Each class will start with an hour of training, utilizing the physical work as a way of researching a role. Scenes will then be unpacked via the physical work, following the body to discover new moments, “beats”, interpretations.  As the work develops, we will be able to address at least some moments of “repetition” (aka: recreation) and how physical scoring (internal, energetic-body blocking) supports the life of the character and scene.

Enrollment is only open to those who have trained with Erica before, and is limited to 16 participants so apply today.

Participants must commit to rehearsing with scene partners at least once in between our weekly sessions. Last-minute cancellations are not acceptable for this workshop (barring illness), as it greatly affects scene partners and group dynamic.

New York, NY
(Exact Location TBA)

Spring 2019

(Payment plans available)

We are not currently accepting applications for scene study. Contact us to be notified of future workshops.

Grotowski-Based Physical Acting Training in NYC with Erica Fae