with Performer and Instructor
Erica Berg

Synaesthetic Theatre is very pleased to present for the first time a workshop with the inimitable Erica Berg. A strikingly gifted performer/creator as well as teacher, Erica has cultivated a unique perspective on the the physical forms of Jerzy Grotowski. In the course of her inquiries into the flow of impulse, guiding groups of improvisers at NYU, Naropa and elsewhere, Erica has discovered vocabulary and points of access which assist greatly in deepening the performer's self-awareness.

In this intensive 1-day workshop, participants will focus on refining their moment-to-moment awareness, examining the internal relationship between improviser and improvisation. Using the cat, corporeals, plastiques, and "river"-work, participants will seek to uncover and release blockages and connect viscerally to image-work. Participants will also be guided to examine the moments when one thing ends and another begins, mining these tiny, ever-occurring transitions in order to gain a deeper understanding of the work, the specificity of impulse, and themselves as makers of art.