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Synaesthetic Theatre's Tamatebako {the box}
Synaesthetic Theatre's Tamatebako {the box}
Synaesthetic Theatre's Tamatebako {the box}

Tamatebako {the box}

The AI:
Beth Krafchik

A Hacker:
Lyena Nomura

James Ford

Meyung Kim

Learning Constructs: 
Angeliki George Elefteriou
Maximilian Frey
Alexandra Gray

Directed by Joy Leonard & Chris Nichols

Conceived by Kristi Leigh Herman, Joy Leonard & Chris Nichols

Written and Adapted by Angeliki George Elefteriou, James Ford, Maximilian Frey, Alexandra Gray, Meyung Kim, Beth Krafchik, Joy Leonard, Lyena Nomura & Chris Nichols

Video/Film Design: John DesRoches

Costume Design: David Crittenden

Set Design: Jo Winiarski

Lighting Design: Suchan Vodoor

Sound Design: Wrench

Choreography: Kristi Leigh Herman & the ensemble

Director of Photography: Tracy Gudwin

Stage Manager: Alicia Ohs

Light Board Operator: Croft Vaughn

Costume & Makeup Assistant: Katie Bender

House Managers: Aubrey Hardwick & Margaret O'Sullivan

Text was adapted from the following sources:
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
Neuromancer by William Gibson 
Time Machine by H.G. Wells
2001: A Space Odessy by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke
R.U.R. by Karel Capek
I, Robot by Isaac Asimov
Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin
The Gay Science by Friedrich Nietzsche
Art of War by Sun Tzu
The Book of the Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi
Blood Rites, Origins and History of the Passions of War” by Barbara Ehrenreich
War and Anti-War; Survival at the dawn of the 21st Century” by A. and H. Toffler
An ethnic group's concern for its survival can lead to civil war” by David A. Lake and Donald Rothchild
The Bible
The Koran
The Rig Veda
Webster's Dictionary
Theogony & Works and Days by Hesiod
Ways of Seeing by John Berger
Paradise Lost by John Milton
A Manifesto for Cyborgs:  Science, Technology, and Socialist Feminism in the Last Quarter by Donna Haraway
Temporary Autonomous Zoneby Hakim Bey

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