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Synaesthetic Theatre's Viewpoints Project Workshop
Syn-aes-thet-ic, adj. characterizes a work of art which produces harmony out of different or opposing impulses. Synaesthetic Theatre's Viewpoints Project Workshop
Synaesthetic Theatre's Viewpoints Project Workshop

Previous Workshops

Solo Piece-making for Dance/Theatre: Found in Translation with Saskia Hegt

Saturday (09/16/06), Sunday (09/17/06), Saturday (09/23/06), Saturday (09/30/06) and Wednesday (10/04/06)
Friday (10/05/07), Saturday (10/06/07) and Sunday (10/07/07)

Do you want to create original work? Do you need a place to begin?
Do you want to develop a solo performance piece - but you're not sure what it would be "about"?

Performers joined internationally renowned teacher/director Saskia Hegt for a new 5-day workshop that focused on just that! Whether they were experienced in creating original work and wanted to explore new approaches, or whether they needed someone to show them where to begin, this workshop broke open the participants' creative boundaries.

In the process of "translating" ideas and feelings into theatrical terms, participating artists experimented with image work, improvisations, text, music and timed writing and drawing. The subject of each piece was one the artist consciously brought in, but the process also helped participants uncover the subject they wished to explore. Over the course of the workshop, Saskia guided each participant organically towards a repeatable structure and "anchor-points" for his or her emerging original work.

Click here to read more about this workshop and Ms. Hegt.

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