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Synaesthetic Theatre's Previous Workshops
Syn-aes-thet-ic, adj. characterizes a work of art which produces harmony out of different or opposing impulses. Synaesthetic Theatre's Previous Workshops
Synaesthetic Theatre's Previous Workshops

Previous Workshops

One Day Viewpoint Workshops

Once or twice a year, 1998-present

The Viewpoints, originated by dancer/choreographer Mary Overlie, provide a simple and profound vocabulary with which performers, choreographers and directors can communicate, an experiential, physical and visual language that does not depend on psychology, method or material. Overlie originally introduced six elements: Space, Time, Shape, Movement, Logic, and Emotion. Synaesthetic Theatre uses the Viewpoints during the rehearsal process, for ensemble-building, character exploration, and the development of themes, relationships and staging.

Click here to read more about this workshop and Synaesthetic's use of Viewpoints.

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