Over the last several years, Synaesthetic has served hundreds of artists in the NYC area and beyond with our one-day introductory Viewpoints workshops. This summer, for the first time, we are offering a 2-day intensive weekend of Viewpoints instruction and exploration led by company members Joy Leonard and Chris Nichols with Tina West. The 12 hours of instruction and improvisation (with 1 hour lunch breaks) over 2 days will provide a highly concentrated environment of experimentation, enabling the workshop ensemble to individually and collectively experience an exponential learning curve, from strength and focus within the fundamental practice to the ability to engage in concise, well-developed and articulate improvisations. We'll pay particular attention to skills such as pattern recognition, giving and claiming focus and developing physical, emotional and conceptual themes in a manner that is both spontaneous and conscious.

This new format acommodates both first time Viewpointers and experienced improvisers, letting particiapnts "sleep on it" in between days and return to the work with renewed energy and attention. We will spend ample time on each viewpoint, allowing new and experienced Viewpointers alike to delve deeply into the unique properties and possibilities of Space, Time, Shape, Movement, Logic and Emotion. With the time afforded by the 2nd day, we will also work with found text, music, and improvised words and sound -- sharpening the listening, response-time and precision of each performer, and working towards coherent and fully-embodied improvised compositions.

We hope that you'll be able to spend this weekend with us, playing in the patterns and challenging each other within the complex connections of the Viewpoints!