SYNAESTHETIC THEATRE is an experimental collective of artists dedicated to creating new multimedia theatre with a social conscience. As a community of creators, our collective strives to synthesize voice, text, movement, sound, video and visual design into a single, harmonious performance experience for spectator and performer alike. Directors, designers and performers collaborate in a unique process to develop each show, resulting in truly ensemble-driven work.

Since our inception in 1997, one of the goals of Synaesthetic Theatre has been to reach out to the NYC community through workshops in collaborative creation techniques. These workshops provide opportunities for us to meet and work with new artists, as well as share the techniques which we utilize in our development and rehearsal processes. Synaesthetic generally offers one-day Viewpoints workshops led by company members throughout the year, designed for performers and directors who want an introduction to the work, as well as those who are familiar with the technique and wish to revisit it. Since 2003 we have been offering Master Workshops in physical theater, improvisation and vocal work. Recent workshops include: Peeling the Onion with Raina von Waldenburg, Music of the Voice with Jonathan Hart Makwaia and Developmental Movement and the Viewpoints with Wendell Beavers. This fall we will be offering Lost in Translation with Saskia Hegt. We are very excited to be able to support the dissemination of all of their inspiring work!

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