The Viewpoints

viewpoint theory  |  viewpoint application

The Viewpoints were originally founded on the recognition that there are no systems of art-making, for the process of making art is by definition individual and open. However, the activity of making art relies on insight, and the development of insight depends on having the courage and the tools to directly experience one's medium. The Viewpoints aim to facilitate this experience. Though simple, the Viewpoints are also a technique of great precision, for they entail a physical exploration of one's world in more and more detail.
         -- Wendell Beavers, "Enter(ing) The Viewpoints"

The viewpoints are a horizontal approach ... without hierarchy. In theater there has been a traditional vertical idea that story is more important than space, for instance. In reality, we may get the end of a personal story before we ger the beginning, or come into the story in the middle, constructing the beginning and an end later. This way of looking at things opens up our ability to see reality more honestly and playfully.
         -- Mary Overlie, "A Vertical History of the Viewpoints"