Synaesthetic Theatre

About Synaesthetic

Synaesthetic Theatre is a multidisciplinary collective that empowers the creative voice through process-driven experimentation and multimedia performance. By expanding the traditional roles of theatre artists, we embrace a new paradigm of creativity characterized by collaborating perspectives.


The Trial of K

2007 / 2005

A live multimedia dream play based on Kafka’s masterpiece, which blends physical theatre, dance, live streaming surveillance video and original music with German Expressionism and classic Film Noir.

Arcana: Cycle of the Fool


A multimedia performance piece comprised of interchangeable compositions set within a dreamlike landscape of war; exploring loss, fear, courage, moral conflict and love.



A self-absorbed media junkie spurns his obsessive admirer and embraces his own fractured reflection on the silver screen. A hypnotic, multimedia ride through desire, delusion and over 50 years of American cinema.

Shadow of the Invisible Man


Obsession. Revenge. Nosy neighbors. Synaesthetic Theatre adapts H. G. Wells’s The Invisible Man, that grimly humorous tale of scientific ambition run amok.

Ubu 2000


A multimedia burlesque with politics, pasties, punks and the apocalypse … some candidates will do anything for a vote.

Tamatebako {the box}


A Cyber Creation tale with gods and monsters, hackers and heaven. Prometheus and Frankenstein battle an artificial intelligence in this futuristic, multi-media play where programs are made to crash…..



Josef K is accused — his life is evidence & even his fantasies testify against him in this intricate multi-media dream play based on Kafka’s The Trial.

Big Game


A look at how we look at sex, death & the Modern Hearth — combining essences from French farce, 1920’s cartoons, “real” TV and Vodoun. A post-modern techno farce.

In the Elephant’s Mouth


Fate vs. the battle for individuation: a post-modern collage combining original music and words, classical theatre texts, and popular styles from the TV generation.

Training Workshops

One of the central goals of Synaesthetic Theatre is to invigorate the creative processes of our artistic community by offering affordable training workshops in physical theatre techniques, ensemble improvisation, stage composition and developing material collaboratively. To date, Synaesthetic Theatre has provided training workshops to over 1,000 actors, directors and dancers in the New York area and beyond. These workshops allow us to connect with new artists, sharing the techniques utilized in our development and rehearsal processes.